Captain Zack-Ample Apple Fresh Apple Treats

Real Fruit Nutritional Healthy Treats For Dogs


Apples are an inspired low-calorie snack crammed full of invaluable nutrients. Loaded with beneficial dietary fibre and Vitamins A, C & K, these treats are devoid of any sodium or saturated fats. In addition, the low protein nature of these treats is ideal for ageing dogs with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids enhancing a dog’s coat and skin health whilst the presence of phosphorus and calcium are essential to their cartilage and bone health. Go on, keep the doctor away. 

An unflinching commitment to great taste and nutritional integrity means we freeze dry our apples because heavy-handed heat treatments suppress its natural flavours and nutritional worth. Freeze dried treats retain the same nutrition value as fresh fruits while transforming them into light, flavourful, crispy and delicious fruit treats.

  • Rich In Minerals, Vitamins and Omega 3 & 6
  • 100% Natural & Healthy
  • Freeze Dried Apple
  • Suitable for all Dogs of all Size, Age & Breeds.
  • Human Grade
  • Training Treats

Captain Zack-Ample Apple Fresh Apple Treats