Brunos Wild Essentials -Sunburn (Duck,Turkey,Salmon-All Life Stages)

Rich in Freshly Prepared Duck-is a nutritious protein that’s naturally rich in vitamins and minerals—especially the iron your dog needs to produce the healthy red blood cells that contribute to organ and muscle health Nutrient-dense, lean protein from freshly prepared salmon, DHA for cognitive development and balanced levels of Omegas complement our unique blend of duck,Turkey & Salmon.Sunburn is a carefully crafted food—one with controlled levels of calcium for good bone development and a perfect balance. Every ingredient we include contributes to the balance of your dog’s whole-body health.

Brunos Wild Essentials -Sunburn (Duck,Turkey,Salmon-All Life Stages)

  • -Rich in Freshly Prepared Duck and Salmon, great sources of highly digestible animal protein .

    - Pumpkin,Carrots & Marigold

    - Supports high energy needs of nursing mothers/puppies & Working dogs*

    - Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulphate & MSM – to help with bone and cartilage development / to ensure robust development

    - Designed to be sensitive on a puppy's digestive tract.

    Suits for whelping, lactation mother & puppies also working/show dogs or any dogs require high energy.