FOFOS Blocky Meow Worm
  • This toy holds the attention of cats remarkably well because of the stretchy legs, bead shaped body and the fur encourages a cat’s natural instinct to stalk and hunt. The premium 100% organic catnip (quality-tested and sourced from the US) and other features make the toy all the more interesting to cats.
  • The lion isn’t the king of the jungle. Your catto is! Let him/her pounce on this worm. Cats, attack the enemy!
  • This toy is appropriate for small kittens as well as older cats. The size of the toy is 12 x 6 x 4 cm.
  • Cats can pull the stretchy legs of the worm and be entertained by this for a long time. Additionally, they can bite, lick, scratch, cuddle with and pounce on this toy. Teething kittens can nibble on it to sooth their irritated gums.


FOFOS Blocky Meow Worm

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      • These interactive toys are a great way for humans to bond with their cattos. Cats can run behind this toy to chase or catch it. Once they catch it, they can lick/bite, paw it!
      • This fun toy is an exercise in itself! Thanks to its many fun features like the rope, bell, ribbons and 100% organic catnip, your cat is sure to be entertained by it.
      • Fun fact: 66% of all cats carry the “Catnip Gene” that make them react favourably to the calming and stress-reducing catnip. Not sure if your cat carries this gene? Try this toy to find out!