FOFOS Forest Eye Mouse Rope

The soft fabric is easy on the hands & the dogs teeth / gums while playing tug. The ease in washing maintains the toy’s original state. A great toy for quality play time between humans and dogs or between two dogs.


    FOFOS Forest Eye Mouse Rope

    ₹750.00 Regular Price
    ₹649.00Sale Price
      • This toy is suitable for adult dogs between the weights 5-20 kgs only. Teething puppies ( 1 year old or less) have needle like teeth which can easily pierce into the toy and so they should not be given this. Recommended for Light chewers (These are dogs that like to fetch, tug, cuddle, nibble more than chew). 
      • This toy is made from a ultra-soft polyester fabric.
      • This toy is long enough for an excellent game of tug between a human and a dog or between two dogs. If your dog starts to lose interest, squeak the head to spark their interest. It also makes a great  toy to cuddle with. 

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